Voeux 2013 – Greeting 2013

janvier 30, 2013

Toute la famille s’y est mise… pour faire un clin d’œil des plus sérieux à notre ami 13 All the family have been working hard to welcome Mister 13 on time The 2013 latest greetings you can imagine… (In france we have until the end of the month, after you can get a ticket!) Corniche […]

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La Grave – La Meije Off-pist #08

janvier 24, 2013

 Many Thanks to Caroline and The guys for this powder session Made in la Grave la Meije ! Last week-end I’ve been skiing with the ski instructor of the team of Ultimate Snowsport Company Caroline, Ben, Mat, Simon Sean and Mark. This ski school provide English ski lessons in Tignes and also in Val d’Isere. […]

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