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the new practical guidebook of MOUNTAIN ESSENTIALS collection is now available: "ICE, SNOW and MIXED, Techniques and strategies"

This new handbook is the advanced level of the famous Moutain Essentials -Walking on a Glacier" (published in 2011). Walking on a Glacier is now a classic mountaineering text book.

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About the new method: THREATS and ERRORS MANAGMENT

In the beginning of the winter season it is an opportunity for me to make my little screed on the new method of decision making which is explained in the instructional manuals of the MOUNTAIN ESSENTIALS collection. The Threats and Errors Management method explain how to: not grasp the stick of dynamite stupidly. This allows to identify the situations in which the stick of dynamite is lit, to learn how to: not take it and keep away from this sitck.

I still work as mountain guide in the Ecrins Range, Ecrins National Park, also called by English climbers the Dauphiné. In winter, I can organise alpine courses or freeride / off-pist course in la Grave - la Meije, Serre-Chevalier or Montgenevre, ...

In summer I can provide you rock climbing lesson or guide you on a summit.

It will be a pleasure to share an alpine experience together, especially if your goal is to walk on glaciers in the Ecrins or a to improve your alpine skills in a course…

And what else for 2016? Happiness and patience,
I'm still wroking on the volume 2, Ecrins WEST guidebook. It's a lot of work at home and in the Mountain...

Enjoy life, Mountain, my website or my blog.
Seb - July 2016