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Good session in La Grave – La Meije with , Camilla, Hugh Laura and … Harold (guest star).

VIDEO #1 La Grave – La Meije #11 Off-pist Couloir du Lac

Here is Camilla’s comment : « Thank you so much for giving us such a great time in La Grave.  It was a time for many firsts.  My first time in la Grave, my first time wearing a harness, my first time touring and I am sure it will be the first of many times for all these.  hUgh has already diarised planning for next years trip and we will be arranging our fitness regime…..so that we can manage a week of powder bliss!  Fingers crossed.

You were very good looking after us and making sure we always found the best snow wherever we were.  Thank you for your patience, amusement and taking the pressure off.  Thank you also for defending the honour of our fair maiden Laura when an impertinent imposter barged his way onto the lift.

I hope that you have a wonderful rest of the season.  I am scared about Morzine, it will not be nearly as exciting.  I vow to make it my last time in a resort like that!! »

And Laura’s comment : « It really was a FANTASTIC few days, all thanks to you!  Have a brilliant rest of the season and I cannot wait until the summer and next season, where I promise to be ten times the tiger with no feeble excuses of unfitness! »

Un court rappel pour passer un bloc dans l’étroiture de départ d couloir du Lac. Harold est quand même mieux avec la corde pour ne pas abîmer les carres de sa board. Harold hangs on the rope for the small rappel that is the access of the Couloir du Lac.

Laura at the entrance of « Couloir du Lac », with a small rappel to pass the gully.

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