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Everything revolves around the Sun,

I dared…

Will you dare to dance with your dreams?

The original story to read without moderation or the tribulations of two young kids, Youenn & Volodia, who wanted to slip between the cracks. The story of two young kids who wanted to trace their route between soil and lucky star. And for this, they need to dare… Daring escape chimeras and grievances. Dare to get rid of everything that nails on the ground: certainty through prejudice to open the field of possibilities. A history of stars that spin and parade in the sky. A story of little devils on the run that make me dizzy. Which star should be trusted to plot his road? The lucky star?

Cette bonne étoile est-elle bienveillante ?

I dared to touch the sky: Volodia goes up in the sails to catch the outrageously blue sky of the pure and beautiful Southern Alps.

Volodia, dans les voiles de Zigomar, prend de la hauteur pour attraper sa bonne étoile.

I dared to grab my star: Youenn, chooses a radical option to embrace his Black Star. Meanwhile Volodia chooses to approach on the side by an impressive traverse.

Sans hésitation, Youenn décide de lâcher les deux mains pour mieux attraper sa Top étoile noire – escalade Tout à Bloc, L’argentière.

Volodia, en fin renard, approche son étoile par une traversée ambitieuse et aérienne.

I dared to dance around my star: Through 360° and curves, such as two Dervishes, our two kids are inhabited by the trance. The moment where the slide becomes dance with snow… A dance which gets only once come summer. When this White Winter Star, shining as a virginal white, took the path of rivers to invite us to other aquatic dances.

L’éphémère instant où la gravité vous rend si léger (Snow park – Serre chevalier). Youenn adore faire tourner ses spatules dans les “R”.

Youenn et Volodia trace leur route sur le glacier de la Girose – La grave.

Accroché au plus insolites des chamois, Volodia a trouvé une façon originale de faire voyager Pato (le doudou) dans les étoiles.

The lucky star isn’t it lying on the highest branches of the fullness. Do you dare to watch and contemplate your good fortune, without breaking the thin branch on which it is based.

Le soir venu, n’oubliez pas de saluer votre bonne étoile, elle peut vous guider sur ce long et tortueux chemin !

Special thanks to the French singer (Keny Arkana), who has also inspired this story, and still inspire my two little “solar” troublemakers who run between my legs.