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With Russ, Brice, Richard and Gerry: A good Pow Pow Session for the SNOWLEGEND Company ran by DIDI.

With Snowlegend groups I use to say “SAFETY FIRST“. Because my first work and responsibility is to bring you back after a good day spared in the mountain.

However, the ski is always different, sometime the conditions provide soft snow or hard snow: Skiers should always keep in mind to be flexible and to adjust the ski technique to the snow.

In The Couloir des Fréaux – La Grave – La Meije / Ecrins Range

And of course when I decide to guide a group in a Couloir: “FALLING IS NOT AN OPTION“.

This time we all decide to go in the COULOIR des FREAUX from the top of the resort (3550m to 1370m) which means an almost 2200m ski descent.

In the couloir, everybody focus on in his technique. For the safety, we ski one after one in the technical parts and I stay below the team as a goal ready to arrest the “Ball”. I may be able to stop a fall, or a slide, if the snow is not too hard, and if the skier doesn’t take too much speed.

After the technical entrance of the COULOIR des FREAUX it becomes larger and less step. We were lucky with the fresh and very soft snow.

Couloir des Fréaux – La Grave – La Meije (Ecrins Range)


Powder La Grave – La Meije / Ecrins Range (France)

Fresh snow and wind that create a special intimacy in les Vallons.


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