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Make your life the reality of your dreams!

Make your life the reality of your dreams.

Another year to explore the heights, to get lost in the meanderings of adventure. In short, the odyssey of Youenn and Volodia continues to move me. Come on! See you up there in “real life.”
Dream at sea: The alarm clock has just rung. Well, I don’t know if I’m dreaming, but when I turn on my bedside lamp, I see a trawler sailing on the waves. I rub my eyes, and reality comes back to me little by little…

A trawler sailing on the ocean. But am I dreaming or what?

Life sometimes plays tricks on you, based on illusion, and cast shadows. I got it! This trawler is a shot of volodia’s tad trublion with his Artzooka that he stuck to the wall above the bedside lamp. And to misunderstand it you would think that it is real this trawler. Well, it’s off to a good start!

The reality: an original creation of Volodia in artzooka that casts in Chinese shadow gives the silhouette of a fishing boat.

Youenn and Volodia dream of climbing. Rise, tighten, pinch, arch, pull, feel the lungs empty to gain momentum and fetch the next grip! Sometimes it’s a real challenge. The reality is that they fly on their own, especially Youenn in his hyper dynamic jump. And then when I realize that Youenn is climbing boulder problems before me and better than me, I think “But I dream” and in my head whispers to me I know that’s the reality (and that’s fine).

Bouldering in Ailefroide for Volodia (Pays des Ecrins – My Hautes-Alpes). Emulation and mutual aid between brothers is for me (and Gaelle) the satisfaction of having been able to share our values.

Exposed boulder problem, Flèche blanche (6a) for Youenn in Ailefroide in the cahutes sector. What a jump when you’re not very big to get that pocket desperately away.

And what emotion inspires me the will of some climbers who have overcome and transcended their handicap to transform it into an incredible force. It certainly commands respect, but it arouses a lot of emotions to see them. So if next summer you have time, don’t miss Briançon this absolutely awesome moment of sharing at the Handi Climbing FFME World Championship – handi climbing.

When the reality of surpassing oneself, gives the impression of a daydream. Some disabled climbers, in their unreal trance, invite us to travel worthy of the greatest shamans. (World Climbing 2019 – IFSC World Championship handi climbing).

Take height in climbing a wall. When Bouldering adventure in the blocks of Ailefroide is no longer enough to fuel the thirst for space and exploration, then the dream of making multi-pitches routes takes over, then it is really time to get lost in the big wall.

Youenn, in the fissure of Ailefroide , an ideal way to enter the world of Trad climbing, cracks and chimneys (Pays des Ecrins – My hautes alpes).

Youenn and Seb pose in A tire de Ailefroide, a route of this old Cambonas pirate (Jean-Mi Cambon), who will have passed through the bottom of the “galons” by drilling their generous flanks with small holes.

Get drunk on that whiteness. Their dream of skitouring, their dream of vertical race, their dream of making the track in 30 cm of fresh snow, becomes the reality of our escapades in the Vallouise and above Puy Saint-Vincent.

Making track in the powder snow…

When, the traces of their dreams end up drawing aesthetic tracks and curves in this so light snow, my heart lets go to the call of these frenzied runs with my kids. But when Volodia’s imagination ends up overflowing the frame, it makes sense for him to do so: to skin up to explore these nipples with shapes as unreal as they are desirable.

Nipples, tits or round bottoms, an invitation to come and lover there (Puy Saint-Vincent / Pays des Ecrins / My Hautes Alpes)

Mountain partners. There’s nothing like the pleasure of sharing mountain moments with other friends. So when the fruit of an unexpected pick ends up filling the paper pouch of the picnic. The acolytes hold back, a little, before devouring this treasure of the woods.

They dreamed of wild strawberry from the woods. At the turn of the trail, on the way back from the cliff, their eyes finally fell on some red shapes… The result sits before their dreamy eyes. Youenn, Malik and Volodia, playmates, dream comrades, comrades of unlikely adventures. In realitty good friends.

Youenn and Volodia continue to dance and twirl around me. I still have stars in my eyes, and beautiful tears filled with sincere emotion. And I end up not knowing if I dream or if I dream of being able to share other privileged moments with these two terrible pirates. Well if one day I get enough, I could always fall back on more tidy, more classic playmates … like the zucchini comrade.

My fellow zucchini is not afraid to pass for a squash, we just hope he doesn’t take your squash or eggplant for a scramble.

Come on! Keep smiling, there are so many dreams left to feed. Let yourself be lulled by this ultimate flight, a freestyle run of Youenn, while flexible, which warms the reality of the dance of life and guarantor of a promising new sun,

And if the day after the “storm”, a little haggard or dejected, you seek to relive thrills the love of life can make you a good price

Enjoy the mountain
Good Adventures, and I wish you nice Sharing moments
Youenn, Volodia, Seb

This is the dream of a child named Volodia. Gently Zigomar, our sailboat, and Youenn, the rider, gave him a bit of reality…

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