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voeux 2019 greeting

Everything revolves around the Sun, I dared... The original story to read without moderation or the tribulations of two young kids, Youenn & Volodia, who wanted to slip between the cracks. The story of two young kids who wanted to trace their route between soil...

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ready to lead climbs – apprendre à grimper en tête

An original game to train and practice to lead?  -  Une façon original d'apprendre à grimper en tête With "the game" it's possible, for very young children, to train indoor without the fear of the heights. Volodia is training in our climbing gym (lots of mattress on...

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Voeux 2013 – Greeting 2013

Toute la famille s'y est mise... pour faire un clin d’œil des plus sérieux à notre ami 13 All the family have been working hard to welcome Mister 13 on time The 2013 latest greetings you can imagine... (In france we have until the end of the month, after you can get a...

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Voeux 2012 – Greeting 2012

Allez, un peu de gaîté pour aborder la saison de ski, ou la recherche de la fluidité et de l'équilibre permanent évite parfois de belles gamelles. A little bit of happiness to approach the season of ski, where the research of fluidity and permanent balance makes it...

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