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MOUNTAIN ESSENTIALS Series – An Introduction to sport climbing

Author : Sébastien Constant

Publisher : Editions Constant

Modern handbook for sport climbing – How to Improve you climbing

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Instructional book for sport climbing -Do you want to learn how to climb?

PDF preview of the handbook An Introduction to sport climbing

This instructional book provides a comprehensive introduction to the equipment and techniques used in sport climbing, indoor climbing and bouldering. Focusing on safety, it has been designed to help climbers get the most from this wonderful sport. I have written this book to make rope techniques as safe as possible: it keeps things as simple as possible.

With chapters on gear, techniques for moving over rock, and essential safety manoeuvres such as tying knots, belaying and spotting, this handbook covers everything you need to know when starting out on your climbing career.
You will also find professional advice and tips to help you climb more efficiently, improve your technical and tactical abilities, and make judicious decisions.

Master the basic techniques needed to climb safely
Improve your climbing tactics through:
• 20 scenarios focusing on safety and confidence building
• Simple explanations and useful tips
• 190 clear and easy-to-follow diagrams
• 115 illustrations and action photos

The Mountain Essentials Series are the most compact and the cheapest handbooks of the European market(15€ or 12£) . You can compare on the amazon.co.uk website And you will realize how Low is the prize.

This also a modern way to share experience and knowledge with other climbers.

before going to the crag be sure to get involved with modern handbooks to improve your climbing and your rope techniques



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